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Introduction to my research

My research project deals with the interplay between virus and the host´s immune system during infection. My working hypothesis is that herpesviruses and their human host have co-evolved during evolution leading to a symbiosis between the virus and the host’s immune system.

The aim of my research is therefore to investigate the interactions between virus and host during chronic herpesvirus infection. In addition, I am interested in identifying novel anti-viral treatments.

For these purposes, I study:

  • The neuroimmune regulation of herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) infection, with special emphasis on the establishment of viral latency in the CNS. These studies are performed in mice, and involve the characterization of immune responses within the CNS and its role in controlling viral replication.
  • Host genetic factors that contribute to HSV-2 disease development. These studies are performed in HSV-2 infected humans who do, or do not, display symptoms of disease.
  • If herpesvirus infections can influence the development of allergy in young children. The relationship between herpesvirus infections and allergic sensitization is characterized in 18 month old children and we concomitantly assess the impact of these viruses on the developing immune system. An animal model has been established to further these studies on a mechanistic lever.
  • The use of endogenous and synthetic substances as anti-viral agents. The main goal is to be able to eradicate an already established chronic viral infection.


Professor Kristina Eriksson


Kristina Eriksson

Box 480 , 405 30 Göteborg

Guldhedsgatan 10 A

+46 31 342 47 61

Sidansvarig: kommunikation@medicine.gu.se|Sidan uppdaterades: 2017-05-31

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