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Phenol-Soluble Modulin α Peptide Toxins from Aggressive Staphylococcus aureus Induce Rapid Formation of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps through a Reactive Oxygen Species-Independent Pathway.
Halla Björnsdottir, Agnes Dahlstrand Rudin, Felix P Klose, Jonas Elmwall, Amanda Welin, Marios Stylianou, Karin Christenson, Constantin F Urban, Huamei Forsman, Claes Dahlgren, Anna Karlsson, Johan Bylund, GUP 251874

Data on the NADPH-oxidase activity induced by WKYMVm and galectin-3 in bone marrow derived and exudated neutrophils isolated from four different mouse strains.
Lena Björkman, Huamei Forsman, Karin Önnheim, GUP 251876

A pepducin designed to modulate P2Y2R function interacts with FPR2 in human neutrophils and transfers ATP to an NADPH-oxidase-activating ligand through a receptor cross-talk mechanism.
Michael Gabl, André Holdfeldt, Malene Winther, Tudor I Oprea, Johan Bylund, Claes Dahlgren, Huamei Forsman, GUP 241221

The Neutrophil Response Induced by an Agonist for Free Fatty Acid Receptor 2 (GPR43) Is Primed by Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha and by Receptor Uncoupling from the Cytoskeleton but Attenuated by Tissue Recruitment
Lena Björkman, Jonas Martensson, Malene Winther, Michael Gabl, André Holdfeldt, Martin Uhrbom, Johan Bylund, A. H. Hansen, S. K. Pandey, T. Ulven, Huamei Forsman, Claes Dahlgren, GUP 244319

Formylated MHC Class lb Binding Peptides Activate Both Human and Mouse Neutrophils Primarily through Formyl Peptide Receptor 1
Malene Winther, André Holdfeldt, Michael Gabl, J. M. Wang, Huamei Forsman, Claes Dahlgren, GUP 249320

The peptidomimetic Lau-(Lys-βNSpe)6-NH2 antagonizes formyl peptide receptor 2 expressed in mouse neutrophils.
Sarah Line Skovbakke, Malene Winther, Michael Gabl, André Holdfeldt, Sara K. Lindén, Ji Ming Wang, Claes Dahlgren, Henrik Franzyk, Huamei Forsman, GUP 241629

Data on human neutrophil activation induced by pepducins with amino acid sequences derived from β2AR and CXCR4.
André Holdfeldt, Malene Winther, Michael Gabl, Claes Dahlgren, Huamei Forsman, GUP 241217

The lipidated peptidomimetic Lau-[(S)-Aoc]-(Lys-βNphe)6-NH2 is a novel formyl peptide receptor 2 agonist that activates both human and mouse neutrophil NADPH-oxidase.
André Holdfeldt, Sarah Line Skovbakke, Malene Winther, Michael Gabl, Christina Nielsen, Iris Perez-Gassol, Camilla Josephine Larsen, Ji Ming Wang, Anna Karlsson, Claes Dahlgren, Huamei Forsman, Henrik Franzyk, GUP 241216

Basic characteristics of the neutrophil receptors that recognize formylated peptides, a danger-associated molecular pattern generated by bacteria and mitochondria.
Claes Dahlgren, Michael Gabl, André Holdfeldt, Malene Winther, Huamei Forsman, GUP 241218

P2Y2 receptor signaling in neutrophils Is regulated from inside by a novel cytoskeleton-dependent mechanism.
Michael Gabl, Malene Winther, Amanda Welin, Anna Karlsson, Tudor I Oprea, Johan Bylund, Claes Dahlgren, Huamei Forsman, GUP 219921

The proteolytically stable peptidomimetic Pam-(Lys-βNSpe)6-NH2 selectively inhibits human neutrophil activation via formyl peptide receptor 2.
Sarah Line Skovbakke, Peter M H Heegaard, Camilla J Larsen, Henrik Franzyk, Huamei Forsman, Claes Dahlgren, GUP 209298

IL-4 Protects the Mitochondria Against TNF alpha and IFN gamma Induced Insult During Clearance of Infection with Citrobacter rodentium and Escherichia coli
Arpan K. Maiti, Sinan Sharba, Nazanin Navabi, Huamei Forsman, Harvey Robert Fernandez, Sara K. Lindén, GUP 225384

A neutrophil inhibitory pepducin derived from FPR1 expected to target FPR1 signaling hijacks the closely related FPR2 instead
Malene Winther, Michael Gabl, Amanda Welin, Claes Dahlgren, Huamei Forsman, GUP 220667

CFP-10 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis Selectively Activates Human Neutrophils through a Pertussis Toxin-Sensitive Chemotactic Receptor.
Amanda Welin, Halla Björnsdottir, Malene Winther, Karin Christenson, Tudor I Oprea, Anna Karlsson, Huamei Forsman, Claes Dahlgren, Johan Bylund, GUP 209301

Structural changes of the ligand and of the receptor alters the receptor preference for neutrophil activating peptides starting with a formylmethionyl group.
Huamei Forsman, Malene Winther, Michael Gabl, Sarah Line Skovbakke, Francois Boulay, Marie-Josèphe Rabiet, Claes Dahlgren, GUP 209299

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