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Hot climate and kidney disease

Heat stress is a major issue in workplaces in subtropical and tropical countries across the world. Workers´s health and productivity is already affected, and the situation will deteriorate due to climate change. Workers involved in physically demanding tasks outdoors, i.e. in agriculture and construction, are especially vulnerable, but work in heat is also an indoor problem. The acute effects of heat stress are well known. In contrast, there is little knowledge concerning long-term health effects.

Together with an international network of researchers we explore the role of heat stress in epidemics of deterioration of renal function and chronic kidney disease not related to conventional risk factors among sugarcane workers in Central America, agricultural workers in India, and indoor factory workers in Indonesia. Experimental studies are performed in a climate chamber. Workplace intervention studies have focus on access to water, rest and shade, and better ergonomics to reduce musculoskeletal load.

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--> Hot climate and kidney disease

Sidansvarig: Madeleine Modig|Sidan uppdaterades: 2019-02-18

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