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Hearing-related symptoms among women - Occurrence and risk in relation to occupational noise and stressful working conditions

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Counting deaths, accounting for lives. Novel applications of standardised verbal autopsy methods for augmented health systems.    2018-03-15

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Grill, M.
Safety leadership in the construction industry. Managing safety at Swedish and Danish construction sites.
2018-01-26        Hämta som PDF

The impact of railway vibration and noise on sleep.Hämta som PDF
Murgia, N.
Obstructive lung disease- occupational exposes, smoking and airway inflammation
2017-02-24 Hämta som PDFLarsson, P.
Exhaled particles for monitoring of airway inflammation
Hämta som PDFBoström, M.
Work ability in young adults
Hämta som PDFStockfelt, L.
Cardiovascular and pulmonary health effects of air pollution - long term effects in Sweden and effects of wood smoke
Hämta som PDFWallin, M.
Cadmium, Kidney and Bone
Hämta som PDFHadžibajramović, E.
Aspects of validity in stress research – Measurement properties and the application of self-reported stress questionnaires
Hämta som PDFGustavsson, J.
Genes, lifestyle and coronary heart disease risk-epidemiological interaction studies
Hämta som PDFGustavsson, S.
Evaluation of regression methods for log-normal data - linear models for environmental exposure and biomarker outcomes
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Levinsson, A
Interaction of genetic susceptibility and traffic-related air pollution in cardiovascular disease
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Söderberg, M
Psychosocial work conditions - cardiovascular disease, perceptions and reactive behavior
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Edlund, M
Perspectives on symptoms and functioning in workers exposed to hand-arm vibration
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Åhlström, L
Improving Work Ability and Return to Work among Women on Long-term Sick Leave
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Bredberg, A
Chemical analysis of lipids, proteins and metals in exhaled endogenous particles

Åkerström, M
Biomonitoring of Cadmium - Relationship between Cadmium in Kidney, Blood and Urine, Interpretation of Urinary Cadmium, and Implications for Study Design
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Johannesson, S. Environmental exposure to fine particles in Gothenburg - personal exposure and its variability, indoor and outdoor levels, and effects on biomarkers. 2013
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Thomée, S. ICT use and mental health in young adults. 2012Hämta som pdf

Almstrand, A-C. Analysis of Endogenous Particles in Exhaled Air.  2011-04-15Hämta som pdf

Grimby-Ekman, A. Epidemiological aspects of musculoskeletal pain in the upper body. Analyzing common and recurrent binary outcomes.Hämta som pdf

Sandén, H. Nerve conduction and vibrotactile perception thresholds in female computer workers and hand-arm vibration-exposed male manual workers. 2010Hämta som pdf

Wastensson G. Quantitative methods for evaluation of tremor and neuromotor function: application in workers exposed to neurotoxic metals and patients with essential tremor. 2010Hämta som pdf

Bohlin P. Passive sampling of PAHs and some trace organic compounds in occupational and residential air - needs, evaluation and limits. 2010

Andersson L. Urinary clara cell protein and alpha 1-microglobulin - biomarkers of changes in kidney and airway function. 2010Hämta som PDF

Skagert K. Leadership in human service organisations. Conceptions, strategies and preconditions to promote and maintain health at work. 2010

Löve J. Contemporary aspects of health and performance among young adult women and men in Sweden. 2010

Gustafson P. Exposure to some carcinogenic compounds in air - with special reference to wood smoke. 2009

Gustafsson E. Physical exposure, musculoskeletal symptoms and attitudes related to ICT use. 2009

Jonsson P. Wrist and thumb joint postures and motions - measurements using electrogoniometry and EMG. 2009

Lindegård Andersson A. Working technique during computerwork. Associations with biomechanical and psychological strain, neck and upper extremity musculoskeletal symptoms (dissertation). 2007; Arbete och Hälsa (Work and Health) 2007;41:1.

Molnár P. Elemental composition of fine particles: exposure in the general population and influence from different sources. 2007

Lärstad M. Exhaled markers of oxidative stress in the airways. 2005

Eklöf M. Interventions for safe and healthy work. 2004

Wahlström J. Physical load, psychosocial and individual factors in visual unit work. 2003

Kjellberg K. Work technique in lifting and patient transfer tasks. 2003

Dellve L. Explaining occupational disorders and work ability among home care workers. 2003

Andersson E. Asthma and cancer among pulp and paper mill workers. 2002

Olin A-C. Exhaled nitric oxide in epidemiological and experimental studies. 2002

Hellgren J. Non-infectious rhinitis. 2001

Melin J. Sampling, characterisation and acute effects of isocyanates in aerosols - An occupational hygiene perspective. 2001

Ljungkvist G. Determination of benzene in urine and breath for monitoring of benzene exposure. 2001

Nordling Nilson L. Organic solvents and cognitive functioning with special reference to interaction with aging. 2001

Brisman J. Asthma and rhinitis in bakers. An epidemiological study. 1999


Dagham S. FENO and polymorphisms in the NOS genes - SNP- and haplotype-based association analyses. 2013
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Tengelin E. Creating proactive boundary awareness - Observations and feedback on lowerlevel health care managers’ time commitments and stress. 2012

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Modigh C. Time to pregnancy among partners of med occupationally exposed to di(2-ethyl-hexyl) phtalate - Risk estimates and methodological considerations. 2005

Skånberg A. Community noise and sleep disturbances: field and laboratory evaluations. 2004
Jonsson P. Comparison of measurement accuracy between two types of wrist electrogoniometer systems. 2004

Lindegård Andersson A. Associations between working techniques, physical and psychosocial loads during VDU-work. 2004

Johnsson C. Fish comsumption and mercury levels in biologicl media - a study in anglers' households in Hagfors, Sweden. 2004

Eklöf M. Event analysis and feedback as intervention techniques to stimulate activity for safe and healthy work. 2003

Wahlström J. Physical load in computer mouse work - working technique, sex and stress aspects. 2001


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