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Abstracts in English fall term 2012

Andreas Hofflander - Substantial health improvements after antiretroviral treatment in Msambweni, Kenya - Still a need of better accessibility and broader knowledge

Oscar Finskas - A new, clinically more relevant model for nerve root injury in the rat.

Åsa Backstig - Pneumonia among children aged 2-5 years in Kigali, Rwanda

Ellinor Fredriksson - Dietary intake in medical and nursing students 2007-2012

Jakob Petersen - Social and economic impact of shunt surgery in patients diagnosed with idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus

Sami Jisser - CT colonography with fecal tagging, with or without cathartic preparation - a systematic review of diagnostic accuracy for detection of colorectal neoplasia.

Jutiar Hosein Khazaali - Mötet med läkaren i svensk sjukvård - erfarenheter hos invandrade patienter från Mellanöstern

Björn Wertman - Recalibration of vestibular afference for orientation and navigation

Henrik Bjerrome Ahlin - Subcutaneous Mastectomy in Female-to-Male Transsexual Patients; A comparison between a two-step / single technique approach and a one-step / algorithm based approach using several techniques

Josefine Lake - Body image relies on a vestibular sense of the gravitational force field

Marcus Gustavsson - Using Bioluminescence Imaging to Investigate Energy Metabolism in Human Normal Kidney and Clear Cell Renal Carcinoma

Reza Kourehchin - Investigation of the irritative effect of pure and oxidized citronellol

Anna Kosovic - Velocity discrimination thresholds in human hairy skin

Emma Larsson - Current palliative treatment practice for metastatic breast cancer- including epidemiological information

Lotten Lord - Colorectal cancer at Ttribhuvan University Teaching Hospital - A retrospective study 2064-2067

Anders Werner - Pneumonia among Children under the Age of Five in Nepal.

Dennis Ericsson - The Optimal Timing of Primary Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Systematic Review

Martin Lindgren - Aerobic conditioning does not alter cardiovascular sympathetic response to and recovery from challenge in healthy subjects

Anna Nordby - The presence of Mental Fatigue in Nepali patients suffering from stroke or other neurological disorders

Carolina Aurell - Pneumonia among children under the age of 2 years in Rwanda

Henrik Johansson - Barriers to TB care among patients at TB Focal Point, Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa

Kajsa Kroneld Viktorsson - Acute gastroenteritis in Rwandan children - a condition in transition

Marcus Runsvik Nordstrand - Determine the level of adherence to isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) among people living with HIV at Themba Lethu Clinic, Johannesburg

Simon Askland - A survey of the time after first healthcare visit for patients with cancer of unknown primary site (CUP)

Roberto Doria-Medina - Smoking functions as a negative regulator of IGF-1 levels and activates the cascade of adipokine-signalling molecules in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Carl Edin - Pneumonia among hospitalized children aged 1-14 in East Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories

Emma Westerlund - Tuberculosis knowledge, beliefs and delayed diagnosis in Peruvian shantytown residents

Mattias Hallsten - Does Type of Fixation Affect Short-term Patient Reported Outcomes in Total Hip Arthroplasty?

Daniel Iveroth - Attempted suicide in persons aged 80 and above: a comparison study

Anna Hamnebo - Pneumonia among young children in Msambweni, Kenya

Per Malvemyr - Preoperative evaluation of risk for sternotomy in surgery for retrosternal goitre

Anna Wramstedt - Plin5 deficiency reduces cardiac function and decreases lipid accumulation in the heart

Emma Levin - Linkage to TB and HIV care of new TB cases discharged from a hospital clinic to primary care clinics in Johannesburg, South Africa

Jennie Hurtig - Treatment differences between male and female patients with complete unilateral cleft lip and palate in Västra Götaland region

Lina Stigsdotter Broman - Long term follow-up after callosotomy

Martin Gustavsson - Body Mass Index and risk of future Acute Appendicitis in middle-aged Swedish Men

Sofia Drath - Current treatment practice for incurable pancreatic cancer

Sandra Lindström - The Validity of the diagnosis of Dilated Cardiomyopathy at Sahlgrenska University hospital/Östra, Gothenburg


Gustav Hagberg - Single Nerve Fiber Frequency Discrimination in the Human Median Nerve Using Intraneural Microstimulation

Nils Liljeberg - Preoperative CT in neck hyperextension: more precise preoperative planning of surgery for retrosternal goitre? A pilot study.

Gustav Ceicer - Hospitalized post-neonatal infants with pneumonia in East Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories - A retrospective journal-based assessment at Al-Makassed Hospital

Armando Muinos - Peripheral vascular disease in patients with chronic kidney disease

Anna Thulin - Novel Prognostic Biomarkers in Ovarian Cancer

Erik McNair - Systematic Review on Level of Evidence in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Research

Johanna Elvesund - Developing a National Scottish paediatric registry on Anaphylaxis: Learning from international experiences - Literature review and qualitative interview study

Susanna Holm Waters - Association between different aspects of motor impairment and functional impairment in Huntington's disease and impact of antidopaminergic medication on these symptom domains

Ola Nyström - Synovial fluid from inflamed joints is chemotactic for neutrophils, yet it does not prime cells during in vivo or in vitro transmigration

Sofie Cassler - Pain assessment in relation to disease activity in Rheumatoid arthritis

Christian Alex - Aerobic exercise does not alter resting cardiovascular sympathetic function in healthy subjects

Alexander Sonck - Cognitive Health in Primary Malignant Brain Tumor Patients

Nina Krönmark - Adherence and current drug use among patients at the methadone program in Hanoi, Vietnam

David Borkman - Thrombomodulin interactions with leukocyte cell adhesion molecules

Helen Steineck - Risk Factors for Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Among Children in Rural Gulbarga, India

Elin Hammarlund - Normative Values of Female Grip and Pinch Strength in Singapore

Tomas Zaal - HIV and Islam in India Perspectives of Islamic Leaders and Muslim Patients in Pune and Mumbai, India

Betül Korkmaz - Risk factors for abnormal skull-growth in shunt-treated children

Josefin Olbers - Physiological studies at 7 years of age in children born with esophageal atresia

Lisa Theander - Extra-articular manifestations in rheumatoid arthritis:Risk factors and incidence in relation to treatment with TNF-inhibitors

Olof Norrby - Predictors for a negative outcome after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A follow-up cohort study based on data from the Swedish National ACL register

Terje Jansson - Sepsis and Troponin Elevation, an Attempt to Identify who Needs Further Cardiac Investigation.

Anders Coomber Örn - CT colonography with computer-aided detection (CAD) of polyps and cancer in the colon – a systematic literature review

Linda Sandin - Secular trends in Thyroid disease and the disease´s connection to mental stress - observation from the Population Study of Women in Gothenburg 1980/81 to 2004/05

Linn Ståhl Kjellberg -  A comparison of surgical treatment between male and female patients with complete unilateral cleft lip and palate in Västra Götaland region. 

Kristian Nilsson - Initial Treatment and Management of Sepsis in a Low-Income Country - A Retrospective dtudy on female patients in Patan Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal

Patrik Jonason - Assessment of glycogen concentrations in human brast cancer and the potential association with prognosis

Jesper Fransson - Initial Management and Treatment of male patients with sepsis at Patan Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal

Hamid-Reza Amini - Phenotypical case study of twins discordant for Autism Spectrum Disorders








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